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Ellie Johnston commented on September 24, 2:57pm
"I recently moved to Winnipeg and have entered a new team for this year... we currently have 6 players. Anyone looking to join a new team can send me an email and we can discuss adding you to our roster ellie_johnston@hotmail.com cheers,"
Lindsay Craig commented on September 25, 1:24am
"Team Mix-A-Lot is looking for 5 or 6 players for the upcoming season. We were a new team last season and had a few players unable to play with us this season. Email me if you are looking to join a team and we can discuss details. ms.lindsaycraig@gmail.com"
Brandy McKay commented on September 30, 8:28pm
"Ballaholics - Looking for 3 more players. Basketball Experience is needed. To inquire, please contact Brandy at brandymckay1@gmail.com."
Brandy McKay commented on September 30, 8:29pm
"FYI Ballaholics are a Div 2 or 3 team."
Stephanie Haynes commented on November 11, 7:02pm
"Hi! A friend and I are looking to join a team. We know the season is already 4 weeks in, but we would still love to play. We are both guard type players looking to join a Div 1 team. If anyone needs or wants anymore players please let me know! You can reach me by e-mail slh138@gmail.com or my cell number (204)-961-1666. Thanks! -Steph Haynes "
Danielle Bryan commented on November 19, 4:09pm
"Hi everyone. I am looking for a team to play on or if anyone is needing spares. I play fed. Good 3 point shooter and good shooter overall. I play pick up basketball on Wednesdays for fun but looking to get back into playing more competively. I played all through highschool as well as on a regional team back in 2002-2003. You can email me at danielle_d_03@hotmail.com or text/call 204-295-8987. Thanks! "
Wendy Nagtegaal commented on February 4, 1:19am
"Hello everyone, are there any "old timer" leagues or teams? I'm 45 and looking to get back into basketball. I have played all through school as a starting guard, a couple years in this league in my 20's, been coaching Jr's for 5 seasons(currently) and would like to try playing again. I can play forward or guard but since I'm easing back in probably forward. I'm thinking for next season or if you need a sub anytime. "
Janet Mobisa commented on February 10, 6:05pm
"Hi, I am looking into joining a team.I played in highschool and now interested again after finding this site.I can play guard position.I live in the South east area, so a team in the area is most preferable."
Amanda Gundrum commented on February 20, 7:41pm
"Hi, my name is Amanda and I am looking to get back into some basketball, so I am looking for a team to join/spare. I suppose it may be too late for this season, but I'm open to the next one. I've last played basketball competitively in highschool. I played point guard. My strengths then were defense, dribbling, layups. I'm still fast I hope. Its been a few years but I would be able to get back into it I'm sure within a game or 2. I've spent 5 years since highschool with University Track and now looking to get back into the sports I enjoyed during highschool. I'm not sure which Divison would be appropriate, but as long as it's competitive because I love winning. I can be reached at 204-825-8628"
Wendy Nagtegaal commented on February 26, 3:38am
"As to previous comment I had looking for a team I would be interested for next season division 3 guard/forward sub or regular. Contact me 204-223-8781 "
Lisa Kellar commented on March 1, 5:10pm
"Looking to play regularly or sub with a friendly team. I played point guard for 9 years including high school, district, and regular club teams. Strengths include ball handling, defense, and sharing the ball. I haven't played in a few years and would need a couple games to shake the rust off. If there are any spring or summer teams looking, I would be interested. If not, next fall/winter would be fine too. Text (204)223-0372 for fastest response - thanks!"
Hannah Atienza commented on March 16, 6:08pm
"Hi, me and a friend are looking to join a team for spring/summer. We are both guard type of players. My friend was our point guard throughout highschool. I was mostly the shooting guard. Div 2 would be nice or any div. We are 22 and 23 years old. And looking to get back into playing basketball again. You can email me at hannahatienza@gmail.com or text/call me at 204-509-1494. Thanks!"
Sydney Macfarlane commented on April 3, 2:31am
"Hi everyone, I am looking for a team to play on for the spring. I played for many years and am in my second year of university. Just looking to get bsck into the sport. I a comfortable playing at all levels"
Sydney Macfarlane commented on April 3, 2:32am
"Sorry, my contact info is sydamac@gmail.com I check my emails everyday and will respond asap"
Coach Polimenis Coach Polimenis commented on April 5, 8:41am
"We need tested players with good profiles. If you are interested email me back. My email address is coach.polimenis@gmail.com"
Lynnely Lipunga commented on April 8, 10:02pm
"Hi I'm looking for a team to join for women's league. I'm 5'10. Hit me up on 2048075245"
Olga Shmelova commented on May 2, 3:53pm
"Hello! I'm looking for a female team to join and enjoy the play. I'm 5'4'' play maker. I reside at St James. My email is: o.shmelova@gmail.com. Looking forward to hear from you!"
Carla Toews commented on May 22, 1:35am
"I'm interested in joining a team. I'm 5'6 and am comfortable playing any position. Strengths are making plays, good outside shooting percentage. Would prefer to play in division 3 as it's been a few years since I've played in this league. Please message me at 2049956153. Thanks :) "
Sandra Arruda commented on June 7, 9:58pm
"hello, looking to be part of a team once again. It's been several years however I have 8 years experience, can play any position but spent most of my time as centre due to my height (5'8). please feel free to email me at sarruda@shaw.ca "
Michelle Trudel commented on July 5, 5:29pm
"Hey! I am looking to join a team. i played during highschool and it's been a few years since I played and I really miss it! I played every position but I'm better at forward/center positions. I love in the garden city area but location is not of a great importance to me. I just want to play! "
Lexus Ostberg commented on August 7, 12:43am
"Hey! I'm looking to join a team in division two. I am 19 and study at uofm, I played ball all through high school as a guard. I took last year off but would love to get back on the court! "
Aisling Byrne commented on August 27, 9:21am
"Hi, I recently moved to Winnipeg. I played basketball for approx 10 years and would love to get back into playing competitively. I am an excellent team player. "
Carrie Ryman commented on September 4, 10:47pm
"Hi there. Looking to play bball for the 2016-17 season, 30 years old, 6 feet, played high school and 2 yrs in Alberta colleges conference (2004-2006), played until 2013ish in women's league, haven't played since. "
Carrie Ryman commented on September 4, 10:47pm
"Contact info- 2042976811, carrieryman@gmail.com"
Alyssa Mulvey commented on September 7, 6:03pm
"Hey, I'm looking to find any team that is wanting or needing another member. I played basketball competitively all throughout high school and then an injury took me away from playing in university but have just been playing in little rec leagues since. I'm wanting to get back into something more competitive and this seems like a great option. I'm a good all around player, 23 years old, around 6 feet and play the centre position. You can email me at alyssamulvey@gmail.com Hope to hear from you!"
Joyce Waldner commented on September 9, 4:18pm
"My sister and I are looking for a team. I graduated in 2015 and she in 2016 from a smaller school outside the city. I played as a point guard my entire highschool career and she was more of a centre player. I am a fairly short player but quick on my feet. She's slightly taller but also quick. We both have fairly good shooting and driving skills and would love to play basketball again. We've never played in the league before so I don't know the skill level for the divisions but I'd like to be playing on a competitive team. To start I'd probably like to start in division 2 or 3. My phone number is 204-891-9096."
Alyssa Haasbeek commented on September 9, 5:08pm
"Hi there. My name is Alyssa, I just moved to Winnipeg and am looking to join a team for the 2016/2017 season. I am 26 years old, play guard or wing. I have played in women's league in red deer and hoping to continue this year in winnipegs ladies league. Please contact me via email. alyssahaasbeek@outlook.com. Thank you! :)"
Erin McGrath commented on September 11, 8:32pm
"Hi There, I'm hoping to join a team for the 2016/2017 season. I typically play point guard - I was captain of my high school team and trained with a University team in the summers for a number of years, but it's been awhile since I was on a team. Am looking to play hard, but also just have fun :) my email is fiddlermcgrath@gmail.com Thanks!"
adnan shah commented on September 11, 9:23pm
"Hi my name is Mehak Shah. I am eighteen years old. I can play point and wing. I am a good shooter and very quick on my feet. I've been playing since i was eleven and would like to keep playing. Email: shahmehak98@gmail.com"
Kerstin Warren commented on September 12, 7:21pm
"My name is Kerstin. It is awhile since I have played, but am most familiar with playing as a post. I am not interested in point guard, but other than that I am open to positions. My contact information is via email kerstin_warren01@hotmail.com or via text or phone call at (204) 951-6860. Was hoping to join in the near future. I am 28 years old if age factors into a potential team. "
Liat S commented on September 20, 12:55am
"Hi! I'm looking to join a team as a guard/forward. I played high school basketball. I'm 18 years old, 5'4. Hope to play in division 2 for the 2016-2017 season. My email is liatstitz@gmail.com ."
Amber Harms commented on September 27, 4:23pm
"Hey, I'm looking for a team to play on, I'm a post/wing and I've played college ball for the past two years. if you're in need of another player for your competitive team, contact me at harmsamber@gmail.com ! Thanks :)"
Christine Comeau commented on September 28, 3:48pm
"Hi I'm looking to get back into playing basketball, it's been 4-5 years since I last played so I'm rusty but I'll get back into it quick. I played guard/forward all through high school and also played on my high school boy's varsity team. If you need another player please let me know! Looking for a lower division team for now. My email is christine.comeau@hotmail.ca "
Heather-Alexa Ross commented on October 24, 8:57pm
"Hi, I just moved to Winnipeg from Nova Scotia and I'm looking to get back into playing basketball. It's been a few years since I've played, but I used to play for Team NS back in the day. I'm a guard/ forward. I know the season has already started but if anyone in division 2 is looking for a player please let me know. My email is heatheralexaross@gmail.com. Thanks so much!"
Mae Krunek commented on January 28, 7:52pm
"Hi. My name is Mae, and I am interested in getting back into playing basketball, I played all throughout junior high and high school. I was the captain of my high school basketball team for 2 years, but havent played too much since then. I'm 27 now if that matters.I played point guard, but pretty comfortable in all positions. My phone number is 204-573-2834."
Abbie A commented on February 5, 4:20am
"Hi. My sister and I are looking to join a team for the spring/summer. We both played in high school and club teams. We can play the guard or forward position. If anyone is looking for players please contact me through my email: altania913@gmail.com Thanks!"
Julia Cliff commented on March 1, 11:41pm
"Hi there. My name is Julia and me and another girl are looking to join a team for the spring league(we live in the south) I have played basketball for 13 years, 24 years old and I am 5'9'. My position was post. I have played Varsity, District and Community ball. Rachael is 5'5' 22 years old and played throughout highschool all positions. If you have a spot for us we would be very interested in joining!! You can email me at juliacliff@live.ca Thank you!"
ashtyn Trudeau commented on March 31, 7:42pm
"Hello! My name is Ashtyn. It has been a couple years since I have played but I have been really wanting to get back into it. I am 20 years old. I used to play for WMBA when I was 10-18, I have almost always played as a wing but got moved around to where ever was needed, Iam 5 foot 5 inches. I also played for my school team when we had enough people to make a team. I still shoot around and play some 1v1 with my boyfriend at times. If you're looking for a player, you can reach me at oxashyntrudeau@hotmail.com . Would love to get back into it."
Amanda Allgeier commented on April 10, 4:20am
"Hi. I'm 5'9" and played as a forward for about 13 years, but it's been a while. I'm 36. Last played on a competitive European league in 2012. If anyone has room on one of the lower level division teams I'd love to play spring ball or 2017-18 season. I can be reached at Amanda.allgeier@gmail.com. Thanks!!"
Allison Scharf commented on May 10, 6:57pm
"Looking for a team for the upcoming 2017 season. Preferably Wing. 30 years old. Competitive & with a good atittude. Text me. Ali @ 204-688-6787 if your looking for more players."
Sandra Arruda commented on June 21, 4:54am
"hello, looking to be part of a team once again. It's been several years however I have 8 years experience with playing on a team. I can play any position but spent most of my time as centre due to my height (5'8). please feel free to email me at sarruda@shaw.ca ""
Shandy Fox commented on August 23, 2:30pm
"Hello! I am 35, nearly 5'9 and have played basketball throughout high school, university and for many years in sr women's league. I am either post or wing. I have played on teams from A-C league but have played little in the past 3 years due to work requirements. I'm looking to join a team as I just moved to Winnipeg. My schedule is a bit unpredictable but even to have the option of being a sub would be great! My email is slf672@mail.usask.ca and cell 306-270-4968."
Yasaman Ghaemi commented on September 17, 5:48pm
"Hi All, My name is Yasmin and I'm 30 years old, I played basketball for many years since I was kid and teenager and then for adult team until I was 34. Now I moved here to Winnipeg and really looking forward to play again and be in basketball society, I mostly played as small forward and I'm 5' 4" My goal is find a place to practice again and play in a team ultimately Please contact me be this email address: yasamangh2000@yahoo.com"
Yasaman Ghaemi commented on September 17, 5:49pm
"*until I was 24 "
Clarissa Tibay commented on October 18, 2:35am
"Hi my name is Clarissa and I'm 27 years old. I played basketball for a team last in high school. I played shooting guard. I am 5'2 and practice shooting every time I get a chance at any of our YMCA's here in Winnipeg. If you are looking for a player I am willing to come out and play. You can contact me via email, tibayclarissa@gmail.com. I look forward to playing for a team hopefully soon! "
Stephanie Fenner commented on November 12, 2:57am
"Hello, my name is Stephanie, 35yrs, 5'9. I'm looking for a team.i played in HS would love to play again. Comfortable in any position sfenner01@gmail.com"
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